Results Panamerican Kata Championship Guadalajara 2023

The Pan American Judo Kata Championship Guadalajara 2023 came to an exciting conclusion at the CODE 2 Sports Center on September 22nd. This event brought together over 80 passionate participants from eight different countries who competed in a showcase of skills and expertise in the world of judo kata.

Colombia emerged as the dominant nation in this competition, securing the highest number of gold medals across various kata categories. Their athletes showcased exceptional execution, technique, and precision in each of their performances, allowing them to stand atop the podium on multiple occasions.

Brazil and Canada also stood out in this Pan American event, taking home an impressive number of gold, silver, and bronze medals in a diverse range of katas. Their competitors displayed a high level of commitment and skill, contributing to the overall success of the championship.

The Pan American Judo Kata Championship Guadalajara 2023 was not only a celebration of the athletes' talent and dedication but also a demonstration of the diversity and spirit of unity that Pan American judo fosters. Participants and spectators were inspired by the display of skills and camaraderie that permeated the entire event, leaving a lasting impact on the judo community in the region.


Campeonato Panamericano Kata Guadalajara 2023

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